Thank You, Akira Complex

This post is sad… and probably too late but still better than never… Vulcan was busy with other things in June…

Akira Complex, the American electronic music producer who scored several gems in Japan (and around the world) is no longer with us

Their music is crafted to the epic scale of juicy electronic bits… and anyone who played Arcaea, Cytus, or rhythm arcade games will easily agree. First time Vulcan listened to Akira Complex was back in 2017, with Odyssey as the track.

Vulcan interracted with them several times, on Xwitter (and also on Discord, must be at the Camellia/Cametek Discord Guild). Great mind with great personality. Give them a listen.

And once again Vulcan must say: thank you my dearest friend, Akira Complex, for your contributions to the electronic music sphere. Rest peacefully.

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