Misskey, Another Fediverse Platform to Look at

A timeline interface of Misskey
A timeline interface of Misskey (courtesy: Author)

Other than Mastodon, there is another microblogging fediverse platform to look at…

Misskey is surging in popularity among Japanese netizens, including animanga (anime and manga) fans.

As Vulcan writing this, the main instance (misskey.io) seems to block registration with non-Japanese IP address.

The solution is to use another instance that still provide open registration worldwide like misskey.gg.

Key features of Misskey:

  1. Decentralisation: With decentralised architecture, users can set up their own instances and connect with other instances like Mastodon or Kbin. This distributed model helps prevent single points of failure and gives users greater control over their data.
  2. Antennas: You can add accounts, tags, or words to dedicated lists.
  3. Content Warnings: Users can add content warnings to their posts, allowing them to share sensitive or potentially triggering content while giving readers the option to choose whether to view it.
  4. Emphasis on Privacy: Users have control over who can see their posts, and they can manage follower requests, block users, and control their data sharing preferences. Misskey also supports opt-out for users who don’t want their data to be used for LLM (large language model) and other machine learning application.
  5. Real-time Updates: The platform supports real-time updates, allowing users to see new posts and interactions without needing to refresh the page constantly.
  6. Federated Timeline: You can see a federated timeline that displays posts from users across different instances. This helps users discover new content and engage with a broader community.
  7. Personalised Timeline: You can view posts for certain accounts, prioritising relevant content and interactions.
  8. Reactions: You can share reactions, which is a type of sticker that can be animated (or static).

Have fun with Misskey and its community!

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