ClipDrop: A Lot of Neat Features to Check Out!

An example of synthography artwork modified with ClipDrop
An example of synthography artwork modified with ClipDrop (courtesy: Author)

Well, Vulcan has talking about ClipDrop before. The platform from StabilityAI (teams behind Stable Diffusion text-to-image model and other diffusion models) has a lot of neat features to check out, one of the neat features are Uncrop.

But, be aware that you will need a Pro plan to get a HD-quality artwork. Third-party users can use an official API from ClipDrop.

So, let’s get started with ClipDrop:

ClipDrop Neat Features At a Glance

Features of ClipDrop, shown as drop-down menu
Features, shown as drop-down menu (courtesy: Author)

There are several features that you can use in this platform, if you are asking Vulcan, my favourites are Uncrop, SDXL (0.9), Relight, and Reimagine XL.

Examples of ClipDrop Reimagine XL
Examples of Reimagine XL: The top left is the original artwork and the rests are re-imagination of it (courtesy: Author)

Selection of features are:

  • Cleanup: This one is self-explanatory, you can use it to remove imperfection of your previously created artwork.
  • Image Upscaler: Use this to upscale your artwork, the scales are 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x. Higher upscales need Pro plan.
  • Relight: Use this to modify your artwork lighting, you can darken or lighten here.
  • Remove Background: Use this to remove artwork background, which can be useful if you want to post transparent render of portrait artwork for example.
  • Replace Background: Use this to replace artwork background, for example from a cyberpunk scenery to steampunk scenery.
  • Reimagine XL: Use this to create a re-imagination based on your artwork.
  • Stable Diffusion XL: This is the main generation feature of this platform, there are several presets to use.
  • Stable Doodle: Fresh, this feature can be used to create artwork based on your doodle or scribble!
  • Uncrop: Vulcan’s most favourite feature, this one can be used to extend your artwork and fill it with more generation (a.k.a. outpainting)

Use Those Neat Features Your Way

An example of ClipDrop Relight
An example of Relight (courtesy: Author)

So, that’s it. Vulcan hopes you will enjoy creating and modifying your artwork with couple of neat features of ClipDrop.


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